Intellectual Development through purposeful play;

Language Development; This is the age where most toddlers achieve their speech milestones and their vocabulary begins to increase. We understand this language burst and engage them in activities that provide them communication opportunities.

Conceptual learning; At this age children are able to identify colours, shapes and sizes, we immerse them in different ways to continually challenge their application of these concepts.

Self Help Skills

Fine Motor Skills; The best way to learn is through one's five senses, hence we have creative activities such as dough play, jigsaw puzzles, arts and crafts and sand play to ensure that children grasp the concept of what is being taught through real-life experiences.

Gross Motor skills; There have been never a still a toddler and thus getting children to move is a must! They have plenty of energy that should be channelled in the right way. Our activities allow the child to explore their physical ability which enables them to perform everyday tasks such as walking, running, skipping, hopping.

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