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Uptas Learning Hub is a Singapore Chemistry Tuition Center in Bedok that specializes in Sec 3 and 4 O Level and A Level Chemistry Tuition: JC H1 / H2 / H3 Chemistry. The Center also offers IB Chemistry Tuition for students under the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme and IP Chemistry Tuition, with syllabus customized according to our current 16 IP Students & 9 IB students.

*Follows Most Updated MOE O Level, A Level, IB & IP Chemistry Syllabus & Exam Format.

Taught By Singapore Chemistry Tutors with over 16 years’ experience each, Ex-MOE JC Chemistry Tutor / Lecturer Jesslyn Tham & Top 1% University Chemistry Tutor, NTU Education Award Winner & A*STAR President Scholar Dr. Aw JunXin [p.H.D], the Center focuses on helping students learn & understand Chemistry via our 7-Step Structured FASTLANE Progressive-to-Mastery manner.

All for a less-exhausting study & revision time & acing the Chemistry exams in a Less-Stressful state of mind. During the Process, students acquire soft skills & mindset transformational skills which serve them well, nurturing & preparing them for tough resilience & success through each life stage.


Top 1% NTU O Level & JC A Level Chemistry Tutor Profile: Dr. Aw JunXin:

 P.H.D. In Biological Chemistry, Nanyang Technological University [NTU]  Consecutive 5-Year Sole Education Award Winner [NTU]  Voted & Ranked Top 1% Tutors for Chemistry Tuition Lessons [NTU]  A*STAR Scientist  Overseas President Scholar featured in ‘The Straits Times’ Newspaper  Overseas Graduate Scholarship Recipient, Oxford University  National Science Award, Royal Chemical Society of UK  Pioneered 3 Patents For Neurological Disorder Diseases & Antibiotic Research  Authored 4 Publications: Cancer Antibiotics & Neurological Diseases


How Our Students Performed During Last Year’s Chemistry Exams:

- A Level Chemistry Exams: Over 90% JC & IB students scored ‘A/B’, with over 50% scoring ‘A’. - O Level Chemistry Exams: Over 94% O Level & IP students scored ‘A/B’, with over 70% scoring ‘A2’. - IB Chemistry Exams: 97% of our IB Diploma students moved from scoring Grade ‘4’ point to ‘7’ points. - IP Chemistry Exams: 100% of our IP students Scored A1!

*And All of them were previously facing challenges & difficulties with Chemistry!

 Patient Teaching & Progressive Step-By-Step Learning for Accelerated Mastery & Exam-Readiness  7-Step Structured Chemistry ‘FASTLANE’ TTYU (‘Teach Till You Understand’) Approach  Tailored Syllabus, Teaching & Mastery Practices for IB & IP Chemistry Students  Exam-Designed Concise Notes, Formula & Periodic Table  100% Improvement & Satisfaction Guaranteed

Did you know? Doing well in Chemistry opens up many doors to University Options including Medicine, Dentistry etc, all of which Need Strong Background in Chemistry.

Contact Us / Whatsapp to 91705114 to Book a FREE Trial Lesson [Worth $100] Email: for more details. Location: 209 New Upper Changi Road #03-647 Singapore

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Country: Singapore

Region: East Region

Town/Area: Bedok Town

Address: 209 New Upper Changi Road #03-647

Postal Code: 460209

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